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Path to Progress, LLC is a company that is devoted to helping children and their parents start and stay on the right path for therapy services.

Path to Progress’s primary focus is on the improvement of children’s communication, fine motor, sensory, and gross motor needs. We also provide services that enhance readiness skills, develop literacy skills, and consultative services for parents. These services support parents in maximizing their understanding of the best avenues to take when helping their child, whether in the home or school setting. Our goal is to treat the whole child and to maximize each child’s potential. We use a collaborative approach by working with the child’s parents, teachers, other therapy practitioners such as school personnel, psychologists and physicians. Treatment focuses on a child directed approach and emphasizes the benefit of intervention across all age groups, ranging from early intervention to adolescence.

One of the core fundamentals of Path to Progress, LLC is empowering and educating their parents to be the best advocate for their child that will set them on the most successful path.

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